Zoya Polish Remover 3 in 1 Review

Zoya Polish Remover 3 in 1 Review

ZOYA Polish Remover comes in a nicely designed nail polish remover bottle, that has a neat pump which makes it easier to dispense the product. This polish remover has a 3 in 1 formula, acting as a polish remover, nail prep, and at the same time as a conditioner.

You’ll observe that the nails are ready in no time for another nice manicure/pedicure. After applying a new polish, you’ll see that it spreads quickly and evenly, as the surface remains sparkling clean.

Zoya Nail Polish Remover Features

ZOYA Remove Plus 3 in 1 Formula helps to fortify the nail bed and keep the cuticles hydrated. It comes in a pump bottle, a good plus for avoiding spilling it accidentally. The bottle is designed to twist, it in order to close it. It does not smell harsh, as acetone usually does.

It removes gel nail polish with success and leaves behind moisturized nails, a particularity which I really appreciate. The cuticles or the skin around the nail does not feel dry after using it, as the formula contains a type of conditioner that moisturizes.

👍 Pros:

  • A nice bottle with a pump that really helps to avoid spilling.
  • 3 in 1 formula, with a conditioner that keeps the nails hydrated.
  • The new polish spreads more quickly after the surface was cleaned with this product.

👎 Cons:

  • The bottle pump should be pressed gently, as sometimes it can bring out a lot of products.

ZOYA Polish Remover Ingredients

Zoya nail polish remover is a vegan-friendly product that will leave your nails hydrated and ready for anything. It is free from toluene, formaldehyde, and DBP. Let’s take a look at the ingredients:

  • 2-Propanone (mild acetone)
  • Water (Aqua)
  • Glycerine
  • Fragrance
  • D&C Violet no. 2
Polish Remover


Q: How does this work for glitter polish?

A: Yes. Just put the product on a cotton ball, keep it a few seconds and you’ll wipe the glitter in no time.

Q: What the 3 in 1 formula do?

A: The 3 in 1 formula helps to clean the nail, prepare it, and acts as a conditioner for the nail bed.

Last words on Zoya Polish Remover

ZOYA Remove Plus 3 in 1 it’s quite a nice polish remover. I personally like the bottle design. As the bottle comes with a pump, it is quite in handy to carry it with you if you need to travel.

Also, due to the fact that the bottle opens/closes with a twist, spillages are avoided. Therefore, I’m not afraid to carry it in my purse.