Fashionable French nails (top 10 trends)

Everyone’s favorite and such an amazing French style of nail design, as always in trend, and enjoys great popularity, both among young girls and women a little older. Everything is explained very simply: the trendy French manicure is insanely versatile. You can pick up the trendy French for any of your outfits, shape and length […]

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Vitamins for the nails

Vitamins for the nails are substances “responsible” for the strength, color and integrity of the keratinized layers of the dermis. In addition, they activate lipid metabolism in the skin, stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers, protect the epithelium from environmental aggression, improve the condition of mucous membranes, stabilize cell membranes, participate in the […]

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What is the best nail treatment for short nails?

Nails come in all shapes, sizes, and lengths. Now we all know the hype and popularity of long luscious nails, but we’re here to cater to those who also prefer to keep their nails short and prim. Choose from a variety of different manicure options, shapes, and designs of your preference. The best way to […]

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