How to do ombre nails

How to do ombre nails

Gradient manicure is one of the hottest trends not only this fall, but also the last few years. In this article we will consider not only the basic ideas of ombre nails manicure, but also tell you how to make ombré manicure at home.

What it looks like

Ombre manicure or gradient manicure is a nail design in which, due to special techniques of execution, the effect of a smooth transition from one color to another is achieved. It is probably the most fashionable and popular type of nail design after the French and nude manicures.

There are many varieties of gradient manicure. The most “lazy” option is simply to paint each nail with one of 5 shades of some color – from the darkest to the lightest or vice versa.

A more advanced version of ombré – horizontal or vertical gradient on each nail plate. The vertical version is considered the progenitor of this technique, while the horizontal manicure in the style of ombré appeared as an alternative to the first option. However, there are other more unusual examples of design.

For example, a matte manicure ombré, which looks more restrained and laconic than the option with the use of conventional varnish.

Ombré manicure with painting is another variation of the traditional ombré technique. Allows you to create more interesting and original patterns, the varieties of which are limited only by your imagination. Unfortunately, this is not the variant that can be recreated at home, and especially without the help of strangers, so you can’t do without a trip to a beauty salon in this case. 

An ombré manicure can be made with the use of flock. Flock is a microscopic fluff made of wool, cotton or viscose. Manicure ombré with flock looks as if you covered your nails with velvet. It looks very stylish and unusual.

Similar to the previous option – ombré manicure with kamifubuki, that is colored glitters. Ideal for a nightclub or a party. Kamifubuki reflect light, and the nail shimmer in several colors, which emphasizes the gradient. 

An ombré manicure with rhinestones is perfect for a holiday party or for a wedding. Rhinestones make the manicure design bright and noticeable, but at the same time do not overload the nails. 

To create an ombré with gradient stripes will have to spend a lot of time and effort, and you can’t manage this manicure alone: it is created using stickers, and applying several layers of nail polish. 

You can also combine gradient nail design and “negative space” or the so-called “nude manicure”. In this technique, only a few areas of the nail are covered with colored nail polish, while the rest of the nail retains its natural color. A manicure in this style will immediately let others know: you have long and carefully thought through your image to the last detail, including the design of the nails.

Neon colors have become especially popular over the past few years, and they are used not only in clothing, but also in creating movie posters. So it’s no wonder that the neon ombré manicure – is experiencing the peak of its popularity and is becoming the choice of girls who follow fashion trends. 

How to do at home ombre nails manicure

In any beauty salon, nail-masters will offer you to make a manicure ombré 2019-2020 in countless possible variants. However, to achieve the desired gradient effect, it is not at all necessary to sign up in the salon: you can make a manicure in the style of ombré yourself at home using a minimum number of tools.

What will be needed

First of all, you need nail polish of several colors: you can choose different shades of the same color, and then the manicure will turn out more laconic and calm. Or you can use contrasting colors to make the look more bright and festive. Use a color wheel to make it easier to decide on a color. You’ll also need a base: a white nail polish that evens out the surface of the nail. With a base, the color of the base coat will be brighter and more even. As well as a transparent varnish, which is applied to the base coat, so that the varnish lasts longer. The tools you need are a sponge, a brush or an airbrush. 

Execution technique

There are several techniques for performing a gradient manicure. The simpler techniques involve the use of sponges and brushes. The airbrush and gel-lacquer ombré will require a little more money, but the result will look more professional. In any case, we suggest you get acquainted with all the options for creating a manicure ombré.

Ombre nails with a sponge

The easiest and most affordable option for performing ombré: using a regular kitchen sponge. Take a shallow plate with a flat bottom and apply a few drops of varnish of different colors so that they are close to each other, but at the same time do not merge. Carefully blend the borders between the drops to create a smoother transition, and then dip a slightly damp sponge into the varnish. Now you can apply nail polish to your nails (before you cover them with a base) with gentle lapping strokes. Before you apply lacquer to all fingers it is better to practice a few times because the final result will depend on how well you were able to spread the lacquer and how hard you pressed on the sponge. 

Ombre nails with a brush

You can buy a special manicure brush at any cosmetic store. Apply the base color to the nail. Take a brush, dip it in water, and then blot it with a tissue to get rid of excess moisture. Then apply the colors that you plan to use to create an ombré to the nail so that they are close to each other, but do not mix. After that, use a brush to slowly blend the polish in one direction. Remove excess lacquer from the brush with a napkin. The more carefully you move the brush, the more evenly the color will be applied. 

Airbrush ombre

The previous techniques can be performed with improvised materials, but advanced nail-masters more often use a special airbrush to create the ombré effect. An airbrush for manicure is a small device that sprays nail polish in the form of a spray, while creating smooth transitions. The airbrush is easy enough to use, you only need to practice a little on paper to apply the color correctly on your nails. Also, what is important, most of the models of this device are not expensive at all: the amount of the purchase will be equivalent to several trips to the salon. And, of course, a manicure with an airbrush will look more professional than with a sponge and brush. 

Ombre with gel nail polish

To create an ombré style manicure, you can use the most common nail polish, but you can also use gel polish. Gel polish has several distinct advantages: first, it doesn’t harden, so you can take your time when mixing colors and applying coverage to your nails. As a rule, gel polish is brighter and lasts longer than regular polish. Moreover, with gel nail polish, you will be able to apply several gradient layers on the nail to achieve a more even distribution of color. To create an ombré manicure with gel polish, you can use the techniques listed above. The only difference will be that you will also need a special manicure lamp to fix the layers.