What is the best nail treatment for short nails?

What is the best nail treatment for short nails?

Nails come in all shapes, sizes, and lengths. Now we all know the hype and popularity of long luscious nails, but we’re here to cater to those who also prefer to keep their nails short and prim. Choose from a variety of different manicure options, shapes, and designs of your preference.

The best way to take care of your nails properly is to focus on making them strong and preventing chipping and breakage. Don’t think just because you have shorter nails, you are immune to breakage! General wear and tear of your nails with daily activities can cause damage and breakage.

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Here are a few ways to keep your short nails happy and healthy.

Restorative Treatments

Everyone should indulge in weekly treatments for their nails to help stimulate growth and protect them from breakage. Products infused with calcium, protein, and vitamin E aid in repairing the protective layer on top of your nails and reinforcing them.

French Manicure

A simple manicure or the ever so popular French manicure is the sleekest and cleanest natural nail look. Soak your nails in some lukewarm water, shape, and buff them with a good nail buffer you can find so they are smooth and shiny and top it off with a light top coat to protect them.

Oiling and Moisturizing

There is nothing better you can do for your nails than some essential oils and a good massage. To make sure they are healthy and shiny, rub some of your favorite oils such as coconut or almond oil before going to bed and after a day of hanging in the swimming pool. This will help moisturize your nails and keep them healthy. Check my favorite nail buffing cream here.

Dark Polishes

If you want to make your nails to seem longer or more defined, apply some darker toned polishes to create a more linear shape. Furthermore, if you apply polish to the center of your nail, by leaving a little space at the sides you can also create the appearance of longer and thinner nails.

Shape them

Whether you have no other choice than to keep short nails but would still like to make them seem long round or curved, there is one solution: use a nail file. Easily achievable at home, file your nails down for a natural curved edge for perfectly elongated fingers. This shape can also make wide nail beds seem slimmer and longer.

A second shape that is popular among short nails is square-shaped nails. Characterized by straight edges and a squared tip, these nails are always the right choice for a neat and stylish look. This elegant and flattering style is suited for those with long, thin, and slim fingers. These shapes also break less easily and are sure to suit any style!