Fashionable French nails (top 10 trends)

Fashionable French nails (top 10 trends)

Everyone’s favorite and such an amazing French style of nail design, as always in trend, and enjoys great popularity, both among young girls and women a little older.

Everything is explained very simply: the trendy French manicure is insanely versatile. You can pick up the trendy French for any of your outfits, shape and length of nails. In addition, the new French manicure all the time updated, replenishing novelties and new interpretations of familiar techniques of French manicure.

French manicure is ideal for the spring, summer and autumn-winter period. Masters will be able to pick up for you an impressive combination of colors, prints and drawings, and also to complement the trendy French manicure with other techniques which will give you a unique and trendy manicure with French technique.

Top masters suggest trying gradient tips of nails in a new French style, to use contrast dark “smiles”, and also to make tips of nails in a trendy French manicure not only in the form of strips, but also diagonally or in the form of small flowers.

And how do you like the trendy French with drawings and accent design on one or more fingers at once? We think it’s a great idea for a great French style. Use trendy predatory motifs, snake and zebra prints, cute floral sketches.

If you don’t know how to draw, then you can use ready-made drawings in the form of sliders, which will help to complement any type of French manicure with beautiful drawings in a matter of minutes and without too much effort.

Moreover, the drawings on the trendy French manicure will allow you to creatively highlight the tips of your nails, giving a special style and chic French nail-design. No less refined will be the decor for the French manicure, represented by foil, glitter, sequins, shiny strips and ribbons, rhinestones and stones.

Among the top techniques, which masters offer to complement the fashionable French manicure are new techniques in the form of nail design cobwebs, unicorn tear, brush strokes and the effect of quail eggs.

We made a rating of the most actual techniques of fashionable French manicure for you, which you might want to try on your nails. See the most coveted top 10 ideas of fashionable and gorgeous french look further in our review.

Trend #1. Multicolored French manicure

Beautiful idea of the French is offered with different shades of the tips of the nails. It can be cute pastel smiles or bright neon French manicure tips. Such a French design is ideal for the warm holiday season, as well as for refreshing urban looks in the summer. A matte finish will make a bright French even more attractive.

Trend #2. French manicure with a double stripe

Interpretations of French manicure will be presented with different variations of smiles and ways to highlight the tips of the nail. A creative solution will be a double smile line, which can reach only to the middle of the nail. To such a French design it is certainly worth adding a beautiful drawing on one of the nails.

Trend #3. French with sequins

A stunningly beautiful and festive style French manicure you get with sequins in the form of sequins, which look expressive and effective. With them, you can highlight the edge of the nail, getting a chic millennium French.

Trend #4. French design and geometry

Stylish and unassuming French manicure can be easily complemented by geometric patterns. Fashionable geometry can complement the French in the style of a bright color block print or a minimalist and subtle graphic print.

Trend #5. Black and white French manicure

Playing on contrasts in the fashionable black and white French manicure will get a very cool design of nails. Such a French will be appropriate for any outfit in black or white. Complement the on-trend evening or business look with a charming black and white French.

Trend #6. French manicure with cobwebs

New in fashionable nail design for the season is a cobweb, with which you can get a different style of manicure. Complex geometry and abstract motifs in the cobweb technique will be most welcome in the trendy design of French manicure for the upcoming season.

French nails

Trend #7. Matte French manicure

The magic of matte manicure has conquered more than one heart of cute girls who prefer velvet matte nails with French design to all other types of nail art. Classic and traditional French manicures, as well as new styles of French in an unusual solution, will become even more exciting with a matte top.

Trend #8. French manicure with foil

Shiny nail design in the style of French looks especially festive, which allows you to complete your any dressy outfits for the New Year, birthday, corporate, date with a fashionable shiny French manicure with foil in the form of prints, strips, pieces of different shapes.

Trend #9. French manicure with combined stripes

The fashion trend in French manicure is to highlight the edge of the nail, which masters have paid a lot of attention this season. We suggest that you pay attention to smiles in two shades, such as dark and bright, saturated and neutral. Using such a technique, you will get an unusual and unique French manicure.

Trend #10. French manicure with ombré effect

Cute French offered by the masters of manicure art, using gradient smiles and creating an ombré effect on the tip of the nail. This type of French manicure looks amazing. Also interesting is the color manicure with a highlighting of the tip of the nail in the form of a stretch of color contrasting tone of gel-lacquer, resulting in a unique French design with watermelon, for example.