Best Salon Trolleys & Utility Carts

Best Salon Trolleys & Utility Carts

Seville Classics Multipurpose Salon Trolley – Best Overall

Seville Classics Store comes with an affordable salon trolley featuring 15 removable all-black polypropylene drawers, easy to remove, easy to install, and all this on a mobile and easy to carry around frame.

It doesn’t matter if you are a hair stylist, nail technician, or a beauty aficionado who wants to have it all in one place, even in your home. Seville Classics Multipurpose beauty trolley has everything you need to stay more organized. Let’s take a look at some of the features.


  • Multipurpose (use it everywhere, salon, cafe, home, office, you name it)
  • Neat professional opaque finish (black)
  • 15 removable drawers (Large drawer: 11.25″ x 5.3″ & Small drawer: 11.25″ x 2.75″)
  • tubular steel frame finished in chrome
  • Easy-to-grab handles and pull knobs
  • Locking casters
  • Removable top shelf

K-Salon – Premium Salon Utility Rolling Tray Cart

If you don’t need to much space to deposit your beauty products then we have a second product for you, more mobile, weighing less than a trolley and it is from K-Salon.

One of the best and resistant salon trays on the market. Easy to install and carry around the workspace. Adjust it at the hight of your needs and you’re all set up for the next client.


  • Adjustable height from 30” to 42”
  • Made from steel (silver color)
  • You get a mat that is heat-resistant (572 F)
  • Ultra-quiet 5-star base wheel
  • Ease to clean

Whitmor Hair & Nail Salon Trolley

There is not much to say about the Whitmor 3 Drawer Rolling Cart. It has everything you need for storage at home, office, or salon. It is one of the best selling hair salon trolleys, not to mention that you can use it for other purposes as well.

Whitmor trolley fits great everywhere and you can easily carry it around your workspace without the need to assemble it every time. By the way, there are no required tools to assemble this one.


  • Easy to carry around 7.9 pounds
  • Easy no-tool assembly
  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • Fashionable metal grommets
  • Easy to clean polypropylene drawers

Images are always great to help you make a good decision, so here you go, take a closer look and make the right choice.

Ameriwood Home Rolling Utility Cart

Coming next from Ameriwood Home Store a beautiful utility cart ready for the job. With its clean white color, it will barely get noticed in your home, it will make a good impression for your workspace and will also come in handy when you need it the most.

The industrial design is a plus if you are a minimal decor lover; it is great for small and big rooms alike, and for me personally, I’d use it everywhere, kitchen, bedroom, salon, office, you name it. Let’s go ahead and list some of the reasons why you should consider this little cool utility cart.


  • Slim, modern white design
  • Use it anywhere you need some extra space
  • Deposit everyday working tools
  • 3-Shelf unit that can hold up to 20 pounds
  • Made from powder-coated metal
  • Easy to assemble

KK KINGRACK 3-Tier Utility Rolling Cart

Look! Pink is all around you, why not add some more?

The KK Kingrack (I know what you’re thinking but I’ll not add another ‘K’ in here) is a cute simple yet modern looking utility rolling cart. It has it all, large storage, great mobility, strong wheels, and more that this a sturdy frame that will hold even if you want to move around your house with it and give your kids a little ride on the way (just kidding).

The KK Kingrack is ready for use anywhere you think it fits, be it your office, salon, or even kitchen, why not? If you like pink, thank pink it is. Pink on a strong frame that gives you flexibility and confidence that you made the right choice. Don’t like pink? You also have white and black to choose from.

What do you think? Should we list the powerful features of this little salon utility cart?


  • Strong frame
  • Cool design
  • Sleek Colors
  • 44Lb on each shelf
  • Easy rolling

ECR4Kids 4-Tier Metal Rolling Utility Cart

You might not be like me. I like everything nails, I like everything nails salons, I’d buy anything that would fit in a nail salon. But you’re here because you need a salon cart, a trolley, a puppy to keep you warm at night (silly joke).

You don’t have to buy everything listed here, Just choose the one that’s perfect for your needs. Even if you won’t use ECR4Kids in your hair salon, maybe you need some extra space in your home.

It’s perfect, it is all you need! It comes in three bright cool colors and it is made from strong, durable powder-coated steel. Much like the Seville Classics but a little bit different. This utility cart is airier, a little easier to assemble, and a bit cheaper.


  • Durable shelves and frame
  • For heavy-duty casters (two locking)
  • Adjustable shelves
  • 20lbs per self so you get and overall 80lbs for storage
  • Plastic liner for small items

Rolling Train Case 4-in-1 Portable Salon Trolley

Here we go with my favorite rolling train from Amazon – The best portable salon trolley on the market from Train Case. If I say it is the best, it really is!

The color will just knock you out – pure gold! A gold shell hiding lots of space for lots of small and big tools. I’m falling in love with this right now. Let’s see some more features that this beauty has for us. Ladies get ready!


  • A 4-in-1 versatile trolley that can be combined in numerous ways
  • Different size compartments for everyday tools
  • High-quality aluminum frame, ABS surface, velvet lining, reinforced stainless steel corners
  • 360-degree wheels, 2 locking
  • 13.5 x 9.5 x 31 inches & 16.55 Pounds

Makeup tools, hair tools, anything, let’s bag it up and go for gold!

Salon Trolleys

AACART Mobile Salon Gold Hairdresser Trolley Review

As much as you want to look for the perfect salon trolley you won’t find anything like the one from AACART. It is vintage, it smells different it integrates different in your workspace. It is a special one for beauty salons, tattoo shops spa, nails salon, and much more.

I think it looks great in your home too. Why not?

If vintage and old but gold is your style, you should at least take a closer look.

It has 4 plastic drawers on a strong frame, and all this on 4 rolling-swivel free castors. Take it where you need it!

AACART comes in black and gold, it has 5 trays, 4 of them are removable, the framing is made from iron for long durability and the silky surface is the icing on the cake. Give it a try!

ASCASE Rolling Lockable Salon Trolley | Best All-in-one solution

Earlier we’ve talked a bit about the AACART hairdresser trolley and its vintage look and we’ve come to the conclusion that there is no other trolley looking as good as that.

But wait!

There is something out there that combines the vintage and the modern and also the extra space in one single big beauty makeup train case. Its name is ASCASE!

ASCASE is a high-quality trolley case made from PVC leather, with reinforced corners for better durability which comes with 2 sliding drawers and a dozen pockets for salon tools of all sizes.

You might think that weighting 9.1 Kg is too much, but don’t forget about the 4 wheels. They come with a safe locking system and more than this you’ve got the telescoping heavy-duty handle, so don’t worry about its weight, you’ll still be able to carry it around your workspace if you need to.

What makes me happy about this one is that it has lots of compartments, multiple drawers and trays, locks, keys, and much more. What else should you need?

What about its price? Well, if you’re thinking about what you get, the cost isn’t that high. Also, don’t forget this one is beyond everything we’ve talked about before, this stylist trolley is a beast among its peers. Don’t just take my word, try it for yourself.

Wooden Salon Trolley from Mefeir

Look, I’ve been a bit unfair to you. Sometimes we mistakenly think that what we like it has to be the standard for everybody else, but in most cases that is not true.

It doesn’t matter that this one has 2000 reviews or that one is the best selling trolley of the year. Some of us have different opinions, different tastes. In our case, some of us might like a wooden salon trolley.

I don’t blame you for that. In fact, the Mefeir salon trolley is a decent (a little pricey) organizer. It has everything you need, it’s perfect if you want other people working with you to keep their things away from your personal stuff. Grab your keys, lock it up and you’re good to go.

Yes, it is wood, durable wood, and it’s perfect for hot tools also. You’re right! Hot tools like a blow-dryer and curling iron.


  • It is stylish (matte black)
  • It is lockable
  • It has 4 PU wrapped wheels for low noise (2 lockable)
  • It features 4 drawers and a side tray for extra space
  • Perfect for beauticians, stylists, nail technicians
  • On top of this, you get an upper pull-out wooden drawer (sleek and shine)

Have you found your best salon trolley or utility cart on this list yet? If not, let’s dive a little deeper into the subject.

What is the best salon trolley & utility cart for your needs?

Do you work in a salon, are you a nail technician, a hairdresser, a tattoo artist, or simply a beauty enthusiast and need more space for your everyday tools?

Small, easy to carry salon trolley

Let’s see. If you need something small, easy to carry around, a trolley with a few drawers, or even a salon tray, then a good choice would be K-Salon – Premium Salon Utility Rolling Tray Cart.

A budget choice

If you’re on a budget but also need that extra storage space for your home or office, Ameriwood Home Rolling universal cart has a minimal design and fits almost anywhere.

Need something for professionals?

If you’re a beauty professional, or you’re looking for more than just a budget option, we have two products. The first one is AACART Salon Gold Trolley which is more vintage, it has that unique touch and it won’t really fit everywhere, but it is one to consider.

The second one is our high-end ASCASE Rolling Lockable Makeup Train Case. Beautiful, versatile, easy to carry, lots of space, lots of compartments, high-quality and durable design.

Perfect trolley for all needs

One size fits all trolley – Our choice for the everyday job is ECR4Kids 4-Tier Metal Rolling Utility Cart. It has everything you need, from a sturdy frame to locking casters, adjustable shelves, and much more.

If you’re every day on the go

Last but not least if you are a traveler, or you’re doing more work at your client’s home then the Portable Salon Trolley from Train Case is the one to go with.

The big advantage here is that you can disassemble it and take the individual pieces besides your working space on a salon chair or table with no worry about placing or losing your tools.

I’m more into colors, minimal and sleek designs, so my choice would be KK KINGRACK 3-Tier Utility Trolley Cart.