The 5 Best Baby Nail Clippers to Buy

The 5 Best Baby Nail Clippers to Buy

What are the best nail clippers for babies?

In this review article, I will talk in detail about the best baby nail clippers on the market right now. I’ve chosen a variety of products, from the cheaper ones to the more expensive ones. I have also included tips to follow while using the baby nail clippers.

Also, I’ve tried to balance the design and reliability with the price.

The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier Review – Best price

The American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier is a perfect clipper for your baby’s tiny nails. A 4x magnifier is attached to the clipper, which has the purpose to increase your precision and reduce the eyestrain.

As an added bonus, the magnifier can be folded away. The stainless-steel blades are scaled for your baby’s small fingernails, so you’ll breathe a sigh of relief with this clever tool in your hands.


First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper is a gentle and precise tool, ready to be used for infants and robust enough to resist through at least six years old’s.

The baby nail clippers do not require much force to trim and, as a bonus, it is very quiet; therefore, it can easily be used when the baby is asleep. Being ultra-sharp along the blade, you’ll be able to cut the entire nail in one single bite.

👍 Pros:

  • Sized for tiny and soft nails.
  • The magnifier is a neat aid that makes your work safer and easier.
  • Easy to hold and provides an ergonomic good grip.

👎 Cons:

  • The magnifier may be a little too small.

American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper Q&A

Is the magnifier removable?

Yes, the magnifier can be removed.

Does the clipper have a file attached?

No, the clipper does not have a filer attached.


A nice product, well put together, that provides a good grip and a sharp cut. The magnifier makes your life easier, and the fingernail cutting safer. Featuring stainless steel blades sized for small nails and an ergonomic grip shape you can use it with confidence for a precision trim. This is the best baby nail clipper available in the market.

ARRNEW Baby Nail Kit Review | 4-in-1 Baby Grooming Kit | Nice Design

The 4-in-one baby grooming kit contains everything you need for a complete baby manicure. The fingernail clippers, scissors, nail file, and tweezer are packed into a mini holding package, shaped like a bear.

This kit is the perfect present for baby showers and an excellent helper for the new parents. Using premium materials and cute designs, the grooming kit is a wonderful choice for your baby.


With an adorable care case and stainless-steel metal parts, the clipper and scissors will be guaranteed to last a long time. The plastic parts are made of ABS, a material that is known for its strength and firmness. Included in the kit are a fingernail clipper, scissors, nail file, and a tweezer.

Specially designed scissors and clippers will seamlessly trim the teeny-tiny nails in one go. The frosted glass file will be used for further shaping and the tweezers are extra handy for picking the nail scraps.

👍 Pros:

  • Everything is well organized and put together in a cute little container. The container helps you to be organized both at home or on the go.
  • The 4-in-1 pack contains everything you need for a complete manicure.
  • Due to the fact that the metal parts are made of stainless steel, they are rust free and easy to clean under a water jet.

👎 Cons:

  • The nail clipper cut opening may be a little small for children over 3 or 4 years old.

ARRNEW Baby Nail Kit Q&A

Is this kit a good present for a baby shower?

Definitely! It will make a pleasant and useful gift for expecting parents!

What is the material of the kit cover?

The kit cover shaped like a bear is made out of plastic.

Are the scissors blunt at the tip?

Yes, the tip of the scissors is blunt, preventing accidents and injuries while the baby is moving.


With cases available in a great variety of colors and shapes along with quality clipper, scissors, tweezer and file, this set is a must-have for a complete grooming experience. When the trimming time comes, rest assured; the baby nail kit will not let you down.

Baby Nail Clippers 20 in 1 by Royal Angels Baby Review | Best Overall

The Baby Nail Clippers 20 in 1 it’s a very versatile tool designed for your baby, it’s soft and safe to use and will not damage the nails. With an electronic baby trimmer, you can adjust the length of nails cut and allows you to smooth your baby’s nails in a safe way.

If you’re too worried that the device sound might wake your little one, don’t worry, the motor it’s very quiet, allowing you to do your child’s fingernails even while he/she is sleeping!


The device is easy to carry around, has an attached LED light and is controlled by a single button that adjusts the speed and rotation. The Electric Baby Nail Trimmer is powered by two AA batteries and the compact design of device allowed you to use it with only one hand.

This safe electric baby nail trimmer will come with 6 sandpapers file heads and 8 replacement files, these will help you for a long time for sure. Also, as a bonus, you’ll receive 4 file heads attachments for adults, in this way you can practice on yourself how to use the device and get a nice manicure at the same time.

👍 Pros:

  • Safety first, it’s efficient and handy to use
  • Very quiet motor, you can use the device while your little one is asleep
  • Is easy to adjust the nail length, just trim it inch by inch
  • Gentile sandpapers for your baby nails

👎 Cons:

  • Because it may be used with the traditional clippers, you might practice before using on your baby, but don’t worry you have the 4 extra files for adults if you remember.

Baby Nail Clippers 20 in 1 Q&A

Do I need to replace often the heads?

Do not worry, the device came with 8 extra replacement file pads and you have 6 attachments heads for your baby and 4 for adults, these should last for a while before you need to replace them, also the usage will influence the life of the files.

Does the LED light provide enough light in the dark?

For sure, the front LED lights is working in dark areas. It’s position point directly at the front of the device, which is focusing on the hand/nails.


A great choice for the moms that are afraid of hurting those little fingers. The product offers you more guidance and the baby nails will not remain sharp after trimming, they will be smooths and cleans, no more worries that your little one will scratch that sensible face.

Nail Clippers

Electric baby nail trimmer for Infants and Toddlers Review | Best for safety

The electric baby nail trimmer is a battery-operated trimmer that comes with four buffer pads, in different grains, for a complete grooming solution for tiny fingernails.

Using color-coded sandpaper emery filing disks, you’ll always know which pad to use. If you consider scissors or clippers unfit for your baby’s nails, this is the product to go for.


With an ergonomic handle and cushioned edges, the electronic trimmer is easy to hold and precise in use. Having no sharp edges and a quiet two-speed electric motor, the nail trimmer prevents the risk of accidents, so you can confidently file your baby’s nails.

The four pads that come with the trimmer, have a grit which is adjusted for various stages of growth, making it future proof. Therefore, you will be able to use it from newborns to toddlers.

👍 Pros:

  • The trimmer is quiet and the multiple pads ensure a prolonged usage period.
  • With a sleek design and compact case, the product is easy to use and does not take much storage space.
  • Due to its quietness, it can be used while the baby is asleep.

👎 Cons:

  • The battery may be required to be changed often. You can offset this inconvenience by using rechargeable batteries.

Electric Baby Nail Trimmer Q&A

Are the pads flat or curved?

The pads are flat. You may angle the trimmer in order to file along the fingernail and create a smooth line.

What kind of batteries do I need?

The trimmer requires one AA battery.

Can it be used for toenails too?

Yes, the product is adequate for the toenails as well.


The trimmer is a very handy tool that will make your life easier and your baby happy. If your baby refuses to let you use the manual clippers, or is too restless, you should totally give this trimmer a go. Who knows, maybe your little one will end up loving this neat gizmo.

NAIL SNAIL Baby Nail Care Kit Review | 3-in-1 Baby Nail Care | Best Gift

The Nail Snail is a 3 in 1 nail care tool for your children that can perform the functions of a nail clipper, file, and a nail cleaner.

Nail Snail is a safe and easy to use kit for cutting your baby nails without breaking them, allowing you to cut the nails accurately by moving it along the nail shape and without any sound, this will lower the stress for both.


The Nail Snail handle is made with an ergonomic rubber grip that will not allow you to slip it from your hand, the blade can be used in both directions and the nail file it’s just the perfect size for your little one’s fingernails and toenails.

Before starting to cut the nails, you can use the under nails cleaner in order to offer you a nice cut, also can be used for daily cleaning under nails.

👍 Pros:

  • 3 in 1 kit, with only one tool you can cut, file and clean the little nails
  • You can cut the nails in both directions
  • Offers a firm grip with no slippery hands due to the ergonomic rubber handle
  • Easy to use “V” shaped clipper nails
  • No batteries, no noisy parts, and no sound

👎 Cons:

  • Need a little practice to control the slide against the edge of the nail

NAIL SNAIL Baby Nail Care Kit Q&A

What are the dimensions of the Nail Snail?

6.3 cm long x 2.4 cm high x 1.6 cm wide / 2.52 inches long x 0.94 inches high x 0.63 inches wide

Is the Nail Snail easy to use?

It’s much easier than clipping the nails, need to be careful near the skin but not as likely as a normal clipper. It’s easy to trim the nails, need to slide it against the nail edge.


We all know what a challenge is to cut tiny nails and if you think that a nail clipper can be scary sometimes, try the Nail Snail to see how simple the process of nail care routine can be for your baby. The kit is safe, clean, and fast. Made from medical grade stainless steel so you can disinfect it, have an easy grip and it came in a funny shape. No more noise when cutting nails so your baby won’t cry at the unfamiliar sound.

Short guide on the best baby nail clippers

Can you use regular nail clippers on babies?

It’s recommended that you don’t use adult clippers or scissors on the baby nails. You may end up clipping the tip of the finger or toe instead of the nail due to the large gaps of the cutting ends on the adult-sized clippers.

How are baby nail clippers and scissors different?

Like any other product that is dedicated to babies, the clippers and scissors put a greater emphasis on safety, along with the particular needs of the child.

For example, a clipper may have a smaller gap on the cutting end, in order to avoid the clipping of the finger/toe end. On the same note, scissors may have blunt tips in order to avoid puncturing.

Final thoughts on the best nail clipper for babies

This has been a long home run. I only hope I’ve answered if not all of your questions, at least some of them. Now, the choice is yours to make now!

My personal choice for little Susan, when she had tiny little hands and so fragile that I was scared and afraid to even to touch them, was ARRNEW Baby Nail Kit and after that, I replaced it with an electric nail file and trimmer.

My personal advice for you is to try a few baby nail clippers and see what fits you best. Start with a cheaper one like the one with the magnifier and then see how you can compare with the rest.