Best Nail Dust Collector (Top 3 Choices)

Best Nail Dust Collector (Top 3 Choices)

Are you getting tired of the nail dust and fragments that come off during the drilling, filling, and cleaning processes? Then check the article below. I will present you 3 nail dust collectors that will dramatically improve the air quality around your nail bar.

A good nail dust collector can help a lot

As you know a nail dust collector is a device meant to enhance the air quality around your working desk, by creating a vacuum effect using fans. The vacuum traps the nail dust and particles in a filter, protecting you and/or your client from the little sherds flying around. As most of the scrap parts will be trapped in the filter the cleaning of your working area will be significantly easier too.

Nail Dust Collector

1. Makartt Nail Dust Collector Machine Review – Best Overall

Makartt nail dust vacuum is one of the most sought-after dust vacuums for nail drills. Having a very powerful vacuum effect, you can rest assured that the surrounding area of your working desk won’t have brittles flying around. The semi-circular shape of the product makes sure that the vacuum is evenly created and the heat is uniformly dissipated around.


Having two powerful electric motors, you’ll always get as much vacuum power as you need. The embedded power adjustment button will let you adjust the wind power based on the degree of dust around; providing a maximum revolution speed of 5200 RPM.

With great vacuum power, also comes the responsibility to clean the filters. But rest assured, they are reusable, and a gentle blow with a hair drier will do the job.

👍 Pros:

  • The product has powerful 60W motors.
  • The product does not generate a lot of heat.
  • Very good filtering capability.

👎 Cons:

  • The powerful motors may become a little loud when used at full speed.

Makartt Nail Dust Collector Machine Q&A

How often should I replace the filter?

The filter should be replaced every 3-4 months.

What is the material of the filter?

The filter material is cotton.

Does the nail dust collector have a filter included?

Yes, the product comes with a filter included.


The product is a must-have for every salon or nail aficionado. You and your customer will enjoy a better-quality service as the air around them will be cleaner. Also, due to its design that is a mix of classic and futuristic, your salon will get a high-end atmosphere.

2. Eleven Ever Nail Dust Collector Review – Best Budget

The Eleven Ever nail dust collector may become your next most beloved item in your nail art studio. With an attractive shape and a surface made of durable stainless steel, the dust extractor will transform your working area into an oasis of clean air. The hollow design allows for efficient heat dissipation, so you won’t have to worry about heat.


The product comes with an automobile grade filter, that ensures a very efficient particle intake. The filter is reusable, and it is easily cleaned with a hairdryer. Even in a highly demanding environment, the filter will easily last 3 or 4 months.

The electric motor has 40 Watts and a maximum fan speed of 4500 RPM. Even though the motor reaches quite high speeds, it can reach up to 100% vacuum effect, minimizing dust spillage and providing a healthier nail art environment.

👍 Pros:

  • Can reach up to a 100% vacuum effect.
  • High-speed electric motor.
  • One button operation. Just turn on and you’re ready to go.

👎 Cons:

  • The fan speed cannot be set.

Eleven Ever Q&A

Can the product be embedded under the manicure table?

The product is not specially made to be embedded, but more likely to be used on top.

Is the nail dust collector loud?

No, the fan makes a moderate noise that is not upsetting.

Is the product powered through a battery or power cord?

The product does not use batteries, it’s powered through a power cord.

Last Thoughts

All in all, the dust collector does what it was meant to do. Collect the nail dust. And it does it pretty well. No matter if the dust comes from drills or files you can rest assured that most of it will end up trapped in the filter, where it needs to be. As a bonus, the fact that it only has one button, for on and off, will allow you to concentrate on what’s most important, the nail art; rather than spending time to choose the fan speed.

3. MiSMON 3 in 1 Nail Dust Collector Review – Top Choice

If you want to level up from your ordinary nail dust collector, this is the product to go for. The MiSMON 3 in 1, comes with a curved arc design, on which your hands will ergonomically rest. The dust vacuum comes with powerful fans, that will prevent the dust from flying around.

On top of the machine, we find a powerful source of light, that is using LEDs. The light is clear, and will definitely be a good accessory when you need an extra boost of visibility. On top of these technological marvels, we find a high-grade nail drill.


With a 4000 RPM speed for the fans, you know that the dust has no chance of escaping. The filter is easily cleanable with a hairdryer and lasts for around 3 months.

The drill is capable of reaching about 30000 RPM and has an LCD screen that shows the current rotation speed. Being actioned with a foot pedal, the drill will be easily usable, leaving your nails free to concentrate on the nail art.

As the drill is ceramic, you can be sure that it will last a lot of usage hours. The handpiece is made of metal and has self-contained cooling holes that will efficiently dissipate the heat. The LED light of the lamp is powerful and clear.

The drill also has two USB outputs, that can charge your phone, or to which you can plug extra lamps for more light on your nail bar.

👍 Pros:

  • The size is suitable for two hands.
  • The drill machine has an embedded led light.
  • The dust collecting area has a generous size.

👎 Cons:

  • The USB outputs could have been suitable for fast charge.

MiSMON 3 in 1 Nail Dust Collector Q&A

Does the drill include extra drill bits?

Yes, the drill has 6 pcs drill bits and a ceramic drill bit.

Does the fan come with a replacement filter?

No, it only has one filter included.

Is the filter washable?

Yes, the filter can be washed.

How is the vibration when filling?

The vibration is minimal at any speed, allowing for a very precise filling.

Can you set the speed of the fan?

Yes, the fan speed can be adjusted.

To wrap it up

This product is the ultimate acquisition for your salon or home nail bar. It provides a wonderful set of options that will cover most of your needs when it’s about nail filling and dust removal. Bearing powerful fans, and bright lights, you’ll literally see how the dust is sucked in the machine.

The drill is good, and if you bother to add more heads to the already 7 (and I’d say plentiful) that come out of the box, you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck.