Best Nail Buffer & Guide

Best Nail Buffer & Guide

What are the best nail buffers and files for your needs?

The best buffers and files are not that hard to find especially if you know what to look for.

But where to look first?

There are so many nail buffer brands out there that you can’t even count.

That’s why I’m writing this review. This is my list of curated nail buffers and files. I hope you like it, I hope you find it useful, and more than this I really hope it will help you make a better decision. A better customer is an informed customer.

Teenitor Professional Manicure Tool Buffer And Shine Block Kit Review

The Teenitor nail files and buffers consist of a suite of professional pedicure and manicure products that aim to provide a nail saloon feel, right in the comfort of your home.

They are also suitable for professional usage. The files and buffs are strong, dress the nails quickly, smoothly remove the ridges and leave behind neat looking nails.

The nail buffers are shipped in a variety of vibrant colors, ready to brighten your fingernails and your mood. The nail files are covered in a 100/180 grit, which are excellent choices for both natural and artificial nails.


The nail buffers are made of sand surface sponge. All 4 sides are covered by the sand surface. The buffer’s relatively coarse grit is excellent for a quick shaping or smoothing and they work great for smoothing small calluses.

The nail files are made of Sandpaper covered EVA which provides a long-lasting product. Unlike other emery boards, they do not fade away after repeated usage, providing a prolonged service period and great value for money.

👍 Pros:

  • Great for both natural and artificial nails;
  • They can easily sand down the unpleasant ridges on your fingernails;
  • Very resistant surfaces, wear, and tear is barely visible after a long period of usage.

👎 Cons:

  • Some may find the nail files a little soft when used around gel nails;
  • The buffers could have come in different grits on each side.

Teenitor Professional Manicure – Q&A

What does the package include?

The pack consists of 5 nail files and 5 buffer blocks.

Are these products good for dip nails?

The products are softer than a grinder, therefore you may need to put a little additional effort to use them for dip nails.

Final words

Overall Teenitor Professional Manicure set of files and buffers come at a bargain of a price. Also, given the fact that the pack consists of 10 products, you’ll have a long-lasting supply, to help you aid your nails health.

Onsen Professional Nail Files and Buffer Review

The Onsen Professional nail care suite consists of five products that aid the complete nail recovery and care.

Suitable for both salon or home usage, the products will simulate the nails regeneration and growth, while helping you to gain a smooth and natural shine. This package is an essential piece for someone who constantly strives for nail perfection.


This package is a portable mini-manicure set, easily carried and neat looking. The buffer blocks feature replaceable pad strips, with an easy-peel and stick design. The worn strips would be renewed in just seconds. The package consists of a nail care gel, cuticle serum, Japanese nail buffer, a nail file. A handful of great products for spotless nails.

👍 Pros:

  • The Onsen Professional nail files and buffer it’s great for guys too. If your nails are a bit roughed up from manual labor or you just want to refresh the look of your hands, stop looking and try this. You’ll be amazed.
  • Great product for reversing the aging of your nails. From thin and brittle to shiny and strong in just a few steps.
  • Straight-forwards usage.

👎 Cons:

  • The buffer replacement strips must be bought separately.

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Onsen Professional Nail Files and Buffer Kit Q&A

How fast does the product work?

One of the fastest ways from dull-looking fingernails to shiny pieces of Italian marble. Expected results within the 1st 24h.

Should it be used along with buffing cream?

No, the buffing cream is not necessary.

How frequently should I replace the strips?

If used properly, the strips should last for 2 or 3 months.


A product that will help you to quickly restore your nails and give them the boost they need to remain strong and maintain their natural-looking beauty.

Nail Buffer

TsMADDTs Professional Manicure Tools Kit Review

This Professional manicure tool kit consists of a set of nail files and buffers, with a rough grit, that will help you sand down the ridges, get the glue off and clean up the acrylic nails and false nails. It will help you get the desired style right away.


The six sand buffer blocks shipped in the package, are covered with a 120 Grit sand surface on all four sides. They are perfect for nail salons or home usage.

Along with the buffer blocks, the six nail files also shipped, are covered with a 100/180 Grit, a perfect choice for both natural or applied nails.

👍 Pros:

  • There are six nail files and six nail buffers shipped in the package.
  • Durable buffers, which hold up nicely even after extended usage.
  • No color residue left on the nail after using the products.

👎 Cons:

  • The nail files may be a little bendy.

TsMADDTs Professional Manicure Kit Q&A

Are the buffers suitable to shine the nails, or only to file them?

The buffers are an excellent choice to file the fingernails.

Do the buffers have the same grit on all four sides?

Yes, the buffers have the same grit.

Are the files heavy duty?

Yes, they are! They can be used for dip nail removal and shaping.


Great quality for money and long-lasting products. They are a great substitute for a “salon feel” right in the comfort of your house. Nevertheless, they are perfect for professional usage too.

Cala Four Way Shiny Buffering Block Review

The Cala four-step buffering block is manufactured of high-quality sponge, being suitable for professional or home usage.

It performs satisfactorily for both artificial and natural nails. The sanding is coarse, being suitable for smoothing and nail wedges removal.


The Cala buffering block has for sides, which are convenient to smooth rough nail edges (better than most emery boards). For long nails, this is a wonderful buffer. For shorter nails, you may need to pay a little more attention when filing. The smoothing of ridges and buffing of the nail tops is great for both.

👍 Pros:

  • Great for buffing both long and short nails to a shine.
  • Excellent product for the men, who would rather prefer an all in one product.
  • Perfect for a manicure or a quick fix-up.

👎 Cons:

  • For short nails, you have to pay a little attention when filing.

Cala Four Way Shiny Buffering Q&A

Does the product work on acrylic nails?

Yes, the product is suitable for acrylic nails.

Do the sides have different grits?

Yes, each side of the buffer has a different grit.

Final toughts

This is a nice little nail buffer and if you don’t want to carry multiple individual nail products, it is the right one for you. It serves its purpose well and has great longevity. Works wonderfully in removing deep ridges and the shine is impressive.

Werony Glass Nail File for Natural Nails

The Werony Glass Nail file is the one tool you need to keep your nails in perfect shape, and to transform your manicure into a form of art. The regular usage of the Glass Nail file aids the good health of the nails and prevents splitting and chipping.

Unlike the regular files, the Werony Glass Nail File is gentle on the fingernails and cuticles. Due to its fine texture, it seals the nail’s keratin edges, leaving them smooth and healthy.


Made of high-density tempered glass, it is built to last and it hardly wears. It comes with a neat protective hard case, ideal for storing your nail file in your bag.

Due to the fact that is made out of glass, it can be easily cleaned directly under running water. Being highly portable, it makes it ideal for usage at the office, or on the go.

👍 Pros:

  • Easy to carry, and the hard case makes it ideal for usage on the go.
  • Use it wherever and whenever. It’s great portability and gentle texture, helps you keep your nails healthy, and saves your money.
  • Unlike the regular emery boards, the Werony Glass Nail file does not rip around the file area.
  • Pretty looking, with an even prettier case.

👎 Cons:

  • Due to the fact that is made out of glass, it should be handled with care.

Werony Glass Nail File Q&A

Is the Werony Glass Nail File suitable for Acrylic nails?

This is a neat file for shaping both natural and artificial nails.

Do I need to buff my nails after using the file?

No, you do not. The file leaves the fingernails nice and smooth without extra buffering needed.

What is the file made of?

The file is made of tempered glass; a high-quality material that is making it durable and easy to use.


A really cute and robust file. Serves well for both natural and acrylic fingernails, making the nails smooth and neat. If you have never used a glass nail before, definitely give it a try, you will be impressed.

Nail buffers and files guide

Hey, we’re almost at the end of this article and I’d like to throw some final words here so hang with me, let’s learn a little bit more about nail buffers and nail files.

What does a nail buffer do?

Nail buffing has the purpose of polishing the nails, using buffers with different grits, in order to give the nail a more healthy, shiny and uniform look.

Is nail buffering bad for your nails?

No, if the buffering is not done too often in order to wear away the surface of your nails, the buffering won’t deteriorate your nail.

How should I buff?

The nail buffing should be done in a criss-cross or X pattern, picking up the buffer between the strokes. Buffing to much may cause heat which will weaken the nail.

What is a nail file used for?

The nail file has the purpose of grinding down and shaping the nail edges. Mostly used in manicures and pedicures, the nail files are smoothing the fingernails after they have been trimmed.

Is nail filing bad for your nails?

No, if the file is not too grit so that it can damage the tip of the nail, no harm will be caused. It is always recommended to try to use a gentle grit.