Best Electric Nail File

Best Electric Nail File

What is the best electric nail file?

In this article, I’ll talk about my best electric nail file. What I use and like and what I (and others) don’t like.

What are my favorites?

Cadrim Nail Drill Machine and MelodySusie Portable Electric nail file. You’ll see why 😀

Why I like them?

Simple. They are AWESOME, not too expensive and they are pretty reliable.

How I chose them?

I chose them based on market research and personal experience. I’ve put as much effort as I could to help you make a better and informed decision.

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Cadrim Nail Drill Machine Review – Best overall

I’ve been searching for a nice and practical nail drill for a long time. Cadrim Nail Drill Machine has proven to be equally the best tool for acrylic and gel nails.

I often go to a nail salon since I’ve closed mine (silly me), and because of my experience and my passion for nail-care and nail beauty, I decided to try different tools, many tools in fact, and test them myself.


Cadrim Nail Drill Machine it’s easy to use, even if you’re a newbie. Just put up some practice and you’ll get used to it is fast. The tool is also not too noisy and it has adjustable speed.

My advice at first use – Be careful with the speed, increase it gradually, and see how it works.

Take it step by step and you’ll learn all its secrets. This electric nail drill contains all the drill tips you’ll need. The price is also good, considering how many functions the device has, and for the contains of the kit I think this is a smart steal.

👍 Pros:

  • Easy to file the nails and crack the seal of acrylics, gel nails
  • Including different griddle heads.
  • Less time consuming on doing your manicure or pedicure.

👎 Cons:

  • Need to be careful with the speed at first use

Cadrim Nail Drill Machine Q&A

Does the nail tips slip out of the drill machine?

No, it doesn’t if you are sure that they are pressed all the way down.

Are the drill tips replaced once they wear up?

The drill tips are made from a durable metal – Yeey!

They aren’t that easy to wear up. Also, you get a lot of sanding sleeves. Unless you use the device too often, you shouldn’t worry that the tips will wear up too easily.

Final words

Cadrim Nail Drill Machine is a cool and practical tool to use at home. Great for manicure and pedicure. You get a good grip of the tool because of its low vibration, so 5 stars for that. The device doesn’t make too much noise and the speed adjustment comes in handy no matter the material: acrylic, glass, gel. The nail file can also be used on natural nails, but you’ll have to adjust the speed to a lower level.

Fancii Professional Electric Manicure & Pedicure Nail File Set Review – Best Price vs Quality

The Fancii Maniucre and Pedicure File is a no-sweat way to keep your nails spotless. Compact and battery-operated, the electric file will provide the portability you need and the ease of operation you always desired.

Featuring pen-size dimensions, the small but powerful file can be conveniently carried in the purse. A great choice for both professional or home use, and suitable for natural and acrylic nails.


Providing five top-quality interchangeable heads, the Fancii file will allow you to conveniently remove calluses and excessive cuticles, along with filing, buffing and polishing. An entire day of saloon grooming can be fit in this small but capable file.

The five interchangeable head attachments feature a sandpaper grinder, a chromium corundum grinder, a white corundum grinder, a carborundum grinder and a felt grinder. On top of all these great heads, the file comes with a built in UV nail dryer.

👍 Pros:

  • Built-in UV dryer lamp.
  • Works perfect even for the thickest toenails.
  • Neatly sized, which makes it a great travel size file.

👎 Cons:

  • The UV light may be a little weak for longer nails.
Electric Nail File

Fancii Professional Set Q&A

Can the rotation direction of the head be changed?

No, the rotation direction cannot be changed.

Is this product battery operated?

Yes, the electric nail file uses two AAA batteries.

Can you replace the file heads?

Yes, the file heads can be replaced. Replacement heads may be found here.


With small dimensions and battery operation, the nail file works great for your day to day usage or to aid your mani/pedi on the go. While being suitable for professional usage, this product will bring enough options to make a big difference in home nail care. This is a great present for the nail-care aficionados around you.

MelodySusie Portable Electric Nail Drill Review – Best Design

The Melodysusie portable electric nail file is a nail maintenance device that has an all-in-one approach towards functionality, while still providing a saloon quality and feel. Ideal for both newcomers and nail-care experts, this tool will become the centerpiece of your nail-care kit.


The Melodysusie nail drill features an electric motor, capable of providing up to 20000 RPM and able to run in both forward and reverse directions. Portable and compact, the nail drill won’t emit much heat or noise, and the low vibrations will make it suitable for even the most sensitive persons.

The Melodysusie file comes with six different metal bits and six sanding bands, that can be seemingly used for cuticle removal, nail art as well as polishing, cutting, or carving.

👍 Pros:

  • Lightweight design makes it easy to carry and simple to store.
  • Efficient heat dissipation due to the aluminum alloy body that allows fast cooling.
  • A great choice for both home and salon usage.

👎 Cons:

  • Some people may find the cable a little short.

Melodysusie Portable Electric Nail Drill Q&A

Is the drill recommended for short nails?

Yes, the drill can be used even on very short nails.

How do you control the speed/rotation?

The speed and rotation controls are found on the cord.

Does the product work for dip powder nails?

Yes, you can use the nail drill for dip powder nails, and you can expect great results.


If you need a drill that has the same performance as the ones used in salons, look no further. This file runs through acrylic just as any other professional tool, but at a fraction of the cost. Also, the good assortment of bits will enable you to perform a wide variety of tasks without the need to involve other products.

AIRSEE Rechargeable Professional Electric Nail File Review – My High-End Choice

The Airsee rechargeable nail drill is a portable and professional nail drill and file, suitable for both professional or home users. The product is well suited for usage on a hard or normal gel, acrylic nails, dip powder gel, or simple nails.

Aesthetically pleasing yet powerful and precise, the drill serves its purpose well, and meets the expectations of even the most demanding users.


The product is delivered with six drill bits; a needle head, bullet head, cone head, mandrel and a large and a small cylinder heads along with six sanding bands. Besides the necessary nail accessories, the file also features an HD LCD screen, that shows the current RPM’s and the level of the battery charge.

With up to 10 hours of battery life between the charges and 2.5h of charging time, the product will last an entire day, for even the busiest nail-care professional.

Why choose it?

  • The long-lasting battery and LCD display;
  • Up to 30000 RPM, so you have a wide range of speeds to choose from.
  • Ergonomic grip and suitable for both left-handed and right-handed people.

AIRSEE Rechargeable Q&A

Is the nail drill cordless?

Yes, the drill is cordless.

Can the rotation direction of the head be changed?

Yes, the rotation direction can be changed.

Final thoughts:

Easy to use, powerful and portable, the drill is a complete product. It will be barely noticeable into your travel suitcase, making it ideal for on the go usage. The high quality and long-life handpiece will easily do its job while keeping cool and barely emitting any noise or vibration.

BabeNail Nail Drill Set Review – Best Price

BabeNail Nail Drill Set is one of my favorite nail drills I have. It’s so easy to use, compact, slim and I can carry it with me in a nice small bag.

BabeNail Nail Drill has lots of multi-uses for such a small tool. You can remove your cuticle around the nail, remove the nail gel, or even remove calluses for smooth hand skin. So it really has many additional usages for a small nail drill.


BabeNail Nail Drill comes with 6 drill bits, 100 sanding sleeves, and one brush to clean the dust particles. I was very impressed with it because of the low noise and It doesn’t overheat too quickly, so that’s a plus.

The kit is coming with drill tips that will help you to smooth the nails edges and polish your natural nails for a shiny surface. These drill tips will not damage your natural nails beds.

The drill has adjustable speed, and as with all nails drills, you need to find the perfect speed for your nails and for the different materials you’re using.

👍 Pros:

  • It is compact and you can easily carry it around
  • Multi uses for a nail drill, you can remove the cuticles and shape your nails
  • Quieter than expected.

👎 Cons:

  • For a beginner, you need to pay attention to the speed. For natural nails buffing, you should use it at a low-medium speed.

BabeNail – Nail Drill Set Q&A

Can I use it on natural nails or to get rid of cuticles?

Yes, the nail drill can be used for natural nails, but pay attention to the speed. The device can allow you to remove the cuticles, just choose the nail drill bits for it.

Does it make much noise when I use it?

No, there is a vibration noise but the sound of it is not too loud.

Is this an appropriate nail drill for a beginner to use?

Yes, the tool is very easy to use, it also comes with instructions


BabeNail Nail Drill will remain one of my favorite nail drills. Easy to use at home or when traveling. It’s pretty compact and powerful for its dimensions. The tool didn’t overheat for quite a long time. Maybe you’ll sense a little heat when using it on acrylic or gel nails for a long time without a break.

Best Electric Nail File Guide & Questions

What does a nail file do?

A nail drill is a tool that can be used to clean, cut, and smooth the nail, help you clear the ridges of the tip, and provide shape for the acrylic overlays. Basically, it is an all-purpose tool for anyone that wants to keep their nails in mint shape.

Is a nail drill bad?

While excessive usage will definitely damage your nail bed, a trained professional will manage to avoid deteriorations. A nail drill is an invaluable tool for shaping and cleaning the nail. Find out how to file your nails the easy way here.

What is my personal choice?

All in all, I really like the design of the MelodySusie Portable Electric nail file.

A practical tool, that is not too expensive and has the right quality needed for my day-to-day use, I choose the Cadrim Nail Drill Machine.

If you want to go wild on your budget, there is AIRSEE Rechargeable Electric Nail Drill.